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June 23, 2016

While sorting out some post for one of our virtual office customers to collect recently, I was struck by how this small task embodies an essential pre-requisite in business relationships.

Standing in the store cupboard, it occurred to me that our clients know us, like us and ultimately trust us.

After all, they’re asking us to be the guardians of their mail. Yes, some of it is the usual business junk mail: flyers, sales letters and so forth, but there is also confidential correspondence, customer cheques and other essential business mail.

Our virtual office clients trust us to receive this on their behalf, store it safely and pass it on to them at a convenient time.

The service we offer works because we have processes in place to ensure things run smoothly. But we also spend time getting to know our clients, enabling them to feel comfortable with us and, most importantly, we gain their trust. Our virtual office service isn’t just about having a prestigious business address or  modern facilities they can use for meetings – it’s also about interaction, care and trust – knowing we’re on their side.

Allowing us to take care of many differing areas for our clients – from mail to phone calls, bookings for meetings and even helping to market events they host with us or providing first class catering – enables them to focus on developing their business. They know they can trust us to do a great job to support them with a flexible and helpful service.

Relationships are vital in business – and important for the way we work with our clients. Trust really is paramount.

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