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What is a Virtual Office?

June 24, 2016

So what is a virtual office?

Foreshore Business Hub offers virtual office packages and meeting rooms to local businesses.

The question we often get asked is: “what exactly is a virtual office?”

In short, this service offers businesses the opportunity to have a prestigious office address – without actually needing their own premises.

But it’s much more than that – let’s look at the other plus points:

  • Great way to do business

Lots of consultancy and micro businesses are home-based – and why not. The cost of renting business premises can be crippling – and that’s before paying business rates. The problem is you can’t really invite potential clients to meet you at home – especially if they are big players (and if they Google search your address and see your ‘office’ on street view they may be put off). A virtual office will boost your business profile.


  • Protect your privacy

Who wants customers coming to your home address anyway? Working from home makes sense but using it for meetings – really? And there are only so many coffee shops you can have meetings in before the noise and other irritations become a nuisance. Home business meetings can even put you at risk, especially if you work in a contentious industry or may get irate customers turning up your doorstep.


  • Meet, greet and impress

Our virtual office customers take advantage of preferential room hire rates and often enjoy bringing colleagues, clients and potential customers to ‘their’ offices for a meeting.


  • Reinforces your credibility

When contacts check out people they want to do business with they may need to know you’re in it for the long haul. If you have ‘premises’, a business landline number and a business postal address you look pukka – suggesting permanence, success and security.


  • Value for money

Compared to the cost of a physical business premises, a virtual office is exceptional value for money. There’s no long term tie-in, no business rates, no rent, no overheads (heat/light), no repairs/maintenance and no commuting if you’re based nearby. For a small monthly fee you have all of the benefits but none of costs or hassle.